Heavychocolate.com Website Review & Ratings + Heavy Chocolate Coupons
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Heavychocolate.com Website Review & Ratings + Heavy Chocolate Coupons

Heavy Chocolate: Products & Services

The Heavy Chocolate Company specialises in one thing: very large chocolate bars. Each bar weighs 10 pounds (4.5 kg)! That's 10 pounds of excellent chocolate. They are described as 'the world's biggest and best chocolate bar'. The Heavy Chocolate Company sells nothing else.  The '10 lb Monster Bar' comes in four varieties: Gourmet Bittersweet, French Vanilla Semi-sweet, Old Dutch Milk and High Sierra White.  Most chocoholics will want one or more of those delicious chunks of premium chocolate. The chocolate is made by the Guittard Chocolate Company of Burlingame, California. Guittard is one of the world's premier manufacturers of chocolate. The Heavy Chocolate Company chose well; Guittard is well known for the quality of their chocolate products.

Heavy Chocolate: Company Background

The Heavy Chocolate Company was started in 1994 by two partners (who aren't named) in an advertising firm in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. They had received a 5-pound chocolate bar from a consulting firm in South-Central Pennsylvania. The chocolate was made by a well-known large-scale manufacturer in the area. The partners loved the idea of large bars of chocolate and searched around for someone to make them. Eventually they chose California-based Guittard Chocolate Company, world-class chocolatiers. The novelty of a large block of chocolate would wear thin quickly if the chocolate weren't high-quality. The company, which is located in Roseville, California,  has grown since then, providing excellent chocolate to thousands of delighted customers.

Learn more at the Heavy Chocolate Company's information page.

Heavy Chocolate: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The Heavy Chocolate Company's customers appear to be quite happy with their purchases. The Heavy Chocolate Monster Bars seem to be very popular as gifts. On the home page there is a photo of an Army unit posing with their '10 lb Monster Bar'.

Here are two undated reviews from the Heavy  Chocolate Company reviews page:

'Thanks. I bought one of these bars for each of my assistants a week ago, and they were thrilled. Everyone in the office wanted to know where I bought them, so your website has been spread around the office. Have a great holiday season!'

'Thanks for the GREAT service. It arrived on schedule and in perfect condition. Just one question, how the heck do you break it apart to eat it? Thanks for a superb job!'

There were no reviews on either epinions.com or amazon.com. There were no complaints on either complaintsboard.com or resellerratings.com.  If customers have had any complaints about the Heavy Chocolate Company, they aren't publishing them on the Internet.  

There is a review form for comments by customers, or they can contact the company directly: monsterbar@heavychocolate.com 

Heavy Chocolate: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The chocolate for Heavy Chocolate Company is made by Guittard. Guittard is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The Heavy Chocolate Company itself isn't rated or accredited by BBB. That may just mean that no accreditation has been sought and doesn't reflect on the company or the quality of the product.

Heavy Chocolate: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The Website is very basic with few bells and whistles. It describes the products clearly; the customer knows what they are getting.

The site has been online for 13 years. Alexa global traffic rank: 5,818,057 with 18 sites linking in. No regional data is available.

Compete gives 384 unique visitors (US only) for June 2012.

 Google PageRank: 3/10

These rankings are quite low. That may be due to few external links on the Heavy Chocolate pages. Heavy Chocolate sells a limited range of products. The low rankings may just reflect customers visiting the Website to make purchases rather than simply browsing.

Heavy Chocolate: Social Media Presence

The Heavy Chocolate Company has a limited social media presence.

Facebook:    129 followers
Twitter:  70 followers

Both sites are updated frequently with new posts and photos.

  • google+:  no presence yet
  • pinterest: no presence yet
  • vimeo:  no presence yet
  • youtube: no presence yet

The limited social media presench may reflect the very specialised nature of their products. Obviously there is room for expansion, should the Heavy Chocolate Company take advantage of the possibilities of social media.

Heavy Chocolate: Website Security & Safety

Google's safe browsing diagnostics considers The Heavy Chocolate Company's site as safe and not harboring any malicious software. The site doesn't carry a risk of virus infection either.

The Heavy Chocolate Company doesn't display any logos from traditional security sources, such as Comodo or Verisign. It does state it takes measures to insure privacy. Customers can opt out of any data sharing by contacting the company. The order form is secured by http://ww7.aitsafe.com/, an e-commerce transaction server.

Heavy Chocolate: Pricing & Packages

The Heavy Chocolate Company's 10-pound bars are made by Guittard Chocolate Company. They retail for $69.90 with free shipping within the US during cooler months. Heavy Chocolate recommends using FedEx second-day air shipping at $31.32 during warm weather to keep the chocolate in top condition.

A direct competitor is The Chocolate Gallery . Their 10-pound bars are made by Peter's Chocolate, a top-level manufacturer of chocolate . The varieties offered parallelthose of the Heavy Chocolate Company: bittersweet, semisweet, milk and white. They retail for $65.00 with $66.19 shipping charges for FedEx second-day air service. There is no free shipping on offer, although there are free enclosure card and giftwrapping options.

While the prices and quality of the chocolate are comparable, the shipping charges for the same service vary greatly. That makes the 10 lb Monster Bars from the Heavy Chocolate Company excellent value.

Heavy Chocolate: Shipping Rates & Policies

The Heavy Chocolate Company offers free ground shipping within the United States.  There are extra charges for FedEx second-day air shipping ($31.32 ) during the warmer months (May 15 to September 15,) in order to protect the quality of the chocolate. Chocolate can also be sent to Canada, with  US$104.23 FedEx ground shipping. The Heavy Chocolate Company doesn't list  rates to other countries. Corporate purchasers can contact the company to arrange for international shipments.

Heavy Chocolate: Payment Methods Accepted

The Heavy Chocolate Company accepts: Visa, Mastercard , American Express and PayPal. Payment methods are listed on the home page and the order page. There is no mention of other methods of payment such as debit card, BillMeLater, E-Check or QPass. Corporate purchasers can contact the company to make billing arrangements.

Heavy Chocolate: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The Heavy Chocolate Company's return and refund policy taken from the order page:

'Our chocolate is always the freshest it can be... they don’t sit on a shelf for months because we sell so many! Please be aware of companies offering large bars, but don’t guarantee their freshness. Chocolate is like a sponge and readily absorbs other flavors when not stored properly. Our storage facilities have exactingly strict quality control measures and assure that HEAVY CHOCOLATE bars arrive at your home or office as fresh and delicious as the day they were crafted: with NO “cross-over” flavors you might experience in large bars sold by those not specializing in high-end, confectionary-grade chocolate. We sell to discriminating individuals and corporations worldwide and insist that every HEAVY CHOCOLATE® bar meets the same exact standards demanded by today's top confectionary shops and world-class chocolatiers. You will immediately notice the difference. If for any reason you're not 100% thrilled, return the uneaten portion for a refund.'

The Heavy Chocolate Company shows a clear comittment to providing customers with top-quality chocolate and takes great care to ensure that the Monster Bars arrive in peak condition.

Heavy Chocolate: Product images & screenshots
Heavy Chocolate Coupons
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Glad this finally got published after two weeks! As per my practice, I showed the review to the owner of the company. It's earned me a commission to write a review for another company in the group!

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